About me

Let me tell you

Hi everyone, I'm 25 years old and I've been doing stuff on the internet since I knew how to use a computer. I use tools like VueJS, TailwindCSS, NuxtJS, NodeJS, Strapi... I'm currently available for freelance missions ! In my spare time, I do some back development, design, writing, a lot of badminton and a lot of other nice things. I'm also working on Scribe, a writing tool. You can find me on Github , Twitter , Linkedin or SensCritique. You can also write me an email!

Skills and tools

  • JavaScript is the first language I learned when I started web development. It’s now present everywhere and is an essential part of the front development. This is my main language, the one I use daily through the VueJS and NuxtJS frameworks.
  • UI Design is part of my skills, thanks to what I have learned at HETIC and through several projects. It's not my core business, but I like to do it in my spare time.
  • Strapi is the headless CMS I use the most these days: it's fast to set up, powerful and open source!
  • Tailwind is simply the best CSS framework! I use it in most of my personal projects.
  • Testing is an important aspect of front-end development. I mainly use AVA for unit testing and Cypress for integration tests.
  • Buefy is often part of my projects. It is a library of view components based on the Bulma CSS framework.
  • Notion is, with my browser and my code editor, the only application always open on my computer; I use it for everything!
  • At Yogosha , I've been working a lot with the LaunchDarkly feature flag, which allows you to enable/disable real-time features for certain users.
  • I've also worked on form validation, real-time translation, two factors authentication, permissions systems, component libraries, the agile method and lots of other fun stuff!
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